an artists' view

an artists' view

Monday, 21 January 2013

snowy studio #4

The view to the studio, from the house. 
I've been popping in and out, looking for fabric to use on my boro shirt; and also investigating materials I could use on a collagraphy plate. I've cut up an aluminium beer can, to create the basic 'plate'. Now, to create the marks, using the materials I've collected, that will constitute the printing plate.
The snow brings me the perfect opportunity to stay indoors, keeping warm & stitching! I'm drawn to adding patches to the shirt I've been working on; my 'boro' project. Perhaps it's the colours in my hand I crave, when outside all is monochrome? 
I'm using running stitch; all done by hand. Gives a lovely rippled effect to the fabric; 3-dimensional textures. 
Went out for a walk in the snow yesterday, and took some photos of Alverthorpe Beck, including the lagoons. Work is still being done on the flood defences up there. I don't envy the security man having to sit in his portacabin in this weather. He must get cold.


  1. You have much more snow than we have had on the west coast of Canada, even though I think the climates are basically similar. Your boro cloth is looking lovely, isn't it amazing what a difference the running stitch makes?

  2. Thanks Heather; the rain's come and washed all the snow away! But your words are appreciated about the stitching! I like the simplicity of it; and the sameness of it. Yes it creates lovely puckering, which I like. And is very easy to get lost in the repetitive-ness of the rhythm of the stitches. I enjoy picking it up, and putting it down. But your owl is indeed a splendid beast! I can't get over how wondrous it is!


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