an artists' view

an artists' view

Friday, 11 January 2013

work & weaving

The world has moved back to 'normal'; work has begun again, both paid work, and course work. And my own creative work has resumed; although it didn't quite cease over xmas and new year!
During the break, I went over to visit my friend Tracey; who's been doing some weaving, both tapestry weaving, and 3D weaving. As a total novice, I felt 3D weaving might be great fun, but perhaps I should start with something a bit more straightforward!
So Tracey has kindly lent me her frame, and I've been doing some slow, steady weaving. I'm working in a very muted colour palette; whites, creams, greys, beiges. This is as a result of seeing the work of Polly Binns at Barnsley at the end of last year. Normally my colours are brighter than this; so my decision to change my colour range is significant of new ideas percolating though. And that is no bad thing.
I'm a bit further on that this photograph now shows. But it does give me occasional headaches, as I try to work out exactly where threads should go!!!! I don't think it's something I'll take up in a serious way. But already I can see the potential of it for the ideas I'm working on.

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