an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 11 May 2013

linder @ the Hepworth

This exhibition ends this weekend at The Hepworth. I've been down twice to see it.
 'Linder (b 1954, Liverpool, UK) has been working with the principles of collage for over 3 decades: from her 2D work on the late 1970's iconic Buzzcocks posters and record sleeves, to more recent collages presented in light boxes.'
Being of that particular age, and 'demographic'! I was interested to discover Linder's work again, after seeing her record covers from the 1970's. At first I didn't make the connection, as these collages on show at the Hepworth have seemingly very little in common with those punk, D-I-Y collages. Her current work is big, glossy, full technicolour, presented in light-boxes. They look more like expensive perfume ads than punk collages. 
Lots of ballerinas, and natural forms such as shells, and animals. Some of them look at bit randomly composed. Others have an internal structure to them; the curves and forms of the nature objects, echo and emphasise the human forms.
I actually liked the old-fashioned photos of the dancers; going into the darkened room where these light-boxes were on display was like going back into the imagery of the 1950's, with added 21st Century technology!  

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