an artists' view

an artists' view

Monday, 27 May 2013


A painting/giclee print from 2009.
I created this as part of the ID project with a group of visiting Israeli artists. Dubi took the photo, and we took them to be made into giclee prints, then I wrote and painted onto the paper around the print.
It was quite difficult to get paint to work how I wanted it to; I'd thought water-colour would be fine. But in the end I used acrylic inks, and ordinary inks. Instead of brush-strokes, I used lots of dots....especially at the top.
Dubi was inspired by the Impressionists, so when we went out into the Wakefield landscape, and we saw this field of poppies, he wanted to stop and take photos.
Poppies are flowers of rememberance; and of the underworld. The words I wrote around the photograph were words of remembering.    

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