an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 12 May 2013


I've just been to see the film 'Good Vibrations', about Terri Hooley, and his record shop in Belfast during the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland in the 1970's & 1980's.
What a fantastic feel-good film. Despite the bombings, and the guns, and the gangsters.....the film showed the power of music, and it's transcendant qualities. His face when he found a club where the Belfast punk scene was playing music, was just classic! Like he'd found his meaning of life.
And many of us can relate to that; the moment when I've heard something, and it's just made me pause, or smile, or stop what I was doing; or make absolute sense of what was happening to me. 'My life in music'.....I think someone's already taken that!

And.....'down'......I've just come onto my blogsite, and found all the blogs I 'follow', have simply disappeared! All gone! Google are even telling me 'you have no blogs you're following' heck, I HAVE!
I have to say, blogger seems to be a bit capricious; it's not only me who has problems with making it do what I want it to. Hmmm. I've not had many recent updates of blogs, so I'm now feeling very suspicious that google is to blame for this? 
So, if I 'follow' you, please bear with me; I might have to 're-follow' you all over again. This is very frustrating.

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