an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 16 March 2013

collograph print #2

I've just completed my first prints using the second plate I made for collography printing. Above are 2 prints on 100% cotton water-colour paper. The one on the left is the first inking. I deliberately put a small amount of ink on it, to try and vary the intensity of the black. I'm aiming to have a bit more space in the prints, for when I come to stitch onto them later. The second print, I added more ink, and it's quite different. I like the way that a simple act such as the amount of ink on the plate, can have such different effects.

Below; is the print on fabric.
I've used the cotton/linen fabric I've recently dyed using eucalyptus leaves. The fabric without he soya-milk mordant. Again, you can see slight differences in the inked up design.
And here is a close-up of the eucalyptus dyed fabric, showing the print on the right hand side.
I was aiming to include the rust brown splodge (a technical term this) to add tone, and depth of colour to the flat print. I'm pleased with that. Be interesting to see it when it's dry, and I can explore using stitches on it. I think the fact that there's more space in it, will prevent that over-busy look of the earlier collagraphy print I did on fabric.

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