an artists' view

an artists' view

Friday, 29 March 2013

winter jasmine

Last weekend; more snow.
Me walking out to buy basics and cat food from the local shop.
Dressed in hat, gloves, kagoule, walking boots, waterproof trousers I set out in the slippy, slidey snow.
It was hard work.

Today; most of the snow has gone. Some piled high in the hedgrows, out where it's colder, and the temperatures are lower.
But today we've had sun. Full, bright sun, the sort that warms through! Hurray!
This has been such a long, cold winter. I want spring, and sunlight, and sun-warmth. To not need to wear boots all the time. To cast off some layers of fleeces, and thick socks! Mmmmmmmm.
So here is the last of the winter jasmine, hopefully indicating winter is finally moving, and we can start to make tentative steps into the Spring. I hope so. 

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