an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 2 March 2013

weaving #2

This is the 'story so far' of the weaving I began in December. It's still very small; about 3.5 inches high (8.5 cm?). I'm not doing it completely technically 'correctly'.....I'm playing with it, and just trying to make marks that fit with what my ideas are. I'm working with the idea of flowing water; a beck; a river; a stream; the movement of water through a landscape. 
I'm deliberately working with a limited palette; working with a different colour discipline. I'm interested in what effect limitations have upon my work. This is something that's become clearer to me as I've worked with textiles for the last few years.
The 'blue' meander on the weaving is actually a cream/white thread, rather than the blue shown. It's beginning to take on a movement of its own as it moves through the thread.


  1. ooooh thanks saskia! I have to concentrate when I'm working on this weaving. glad you like it.


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