an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 9 March 2013

'rust never sleeps'

Yesterday was a day encompassing the sublime and the ridiculous. Starting with the ridiculous, when I left the keys in Blanche's ignition (with engine running) got out to open some gates, to park up, and the door shut, and locked me out.....utter panic. Luckily, brother Rob was meeting me, so we raced to my house (yes, leaving Blanche parked up, with engine running!) to get my spare van key.
Well, the complication was that my bag was in Blanche, complete with house keys.....where the van keys were. So, I prayed and prayed that my neighbour Jackie was home, who has a spare set of house keys. She was; so all ended up happy ever after.

The sublime was going down to the Hepworth for a showing of a woman's film, shown on International Women's Day.
It was a performance of Linder (currently exhibiting a selection of her collages) with her band at the Hacienda in 1982. She was dressed in a bodice with stitched on meat (Lady Gaga is apparently a fan of Linder's), and when she turned round to face the audience, had a fastened-on dildo. In 1982 it was stunning; in the 21st Century it's pretty 'everyday'. Shows the ubiquity of sexualisation these days. Hmmmm. It takes a trip down memory lane, to realise how what was once 'explicit', has gone mainstream. You see these kind of images on adverts, and fashion shoots.
Linder describes herself as a feminist. And I'm taken back to all those debates we had where we questioned if using the images of pornography within a feminist context, made them any less oppressive of women.

And above is another rust print. Rust never sleeps, sings Neil Young. Maybe not, but you can sure get some inneresting prints from it, Neil!  

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