an artists' view

an artists' view

Friday, 15 March 2013

eucylptus dye #2

Top photo is the first dyeing of cotton/linen mix fabric, from a eucalyptus dye-pot.There is a shadow from the washing line! But there is a nice linear pattern come through, due to the folding of the fabric. I wanted to get away from that fixed 'line'. Wanted to make the dye more random, and irregular.
So....I put it into an second dye-pot of eucalyptus. 
Result, below.
It's darkened the fabric. It's softened the lines that had dyed into it. Which is better. Though I have looked onto India Flint's blog, here, where she says that boiling eucalyptus for more than an hour, releases kino, and makes the dye turn more brown. 
So...I think I've been boiling the eucalyptus for too long. Mmmmm; this is the interesting thing about dyeing with plants. You never stop learning, and never stop finding different ways of using plants. I'll try boiling for a shorted time now. 

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